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What's the schedule?

16.30: park at Monacelle and get into the shuttle bus to reach Minareto

17.00: ceremony starts at Minareto

18.00: Head back to Monacelle via shuttle bus

19.00: Party starts at Monacelle

1.00: drive safe home!

July in Puglia, how hot will it be?

The climate up on the hill of Selva di Fasano is generally fresher than the coast, especially during the evening.

Will you marry in the church?

No, Minareto is not a church but it will be equally nice.

Where I'm supposed to park?

Tenuta Monacelle has plenty of parking spaces. From there, you can take the shuttle bus to reach the ceremony at Minareto (and return).

What to expect from the menu?

Everything will be vegan (no meat, no fish, no eggs, no cheese/milk), but the chef is cooking like this for years so don't worry, you won't leave the venue hungry.

What gift shall I bring?

Thank you for the question! :-) Please go to the More Info section.

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